Friday, August 5, 2011

IKEA Surprises

My husband and I are in Iowa for the weekend for a wedding and it is first time in a week that I've had internet. I promise there are some crazy stories to come about the past week and our move to St. Louis, but for now I thought I would show you some of my favorite things that IKEA just came out with.

I am so sad that we are no longer in reasonable driving distance since our move.

Looks similar to a Beni ourain rug. This square rug would great in our living room, but I might be looking for more color

These square tiles might make a great look on any floor. I am thinking about it for all our hardwood

Gorgeous coffee table

Gorgeous sidetable

and matching console table

These would look great in any room with all matching bold colored frames

This platter would make a great catch all tray 

These would make great gift boxes as well as containers for my jewelry

Cute bowls

I just love these

I know these are just spray bottles, but I wouldn't mind one of each color

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