Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Giveaway over at Strictly Simple Style

Hey folks! Hope you enjoyed your 3-day weekend. I'm grateful for my loving husband otherwise I would not have made it to this Tuesday. I would like a holiday from my holiday. I'm putting my head down and getting through work today so I am going to leave you with, what I think is, a treat.

Strictly Simple Style is having a giveaway today! It's a 5x8 of this rug:

Head on over and enter! I would love to put it in my dining room or entryway I might have when we move in 2 months.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Original Artwork- FAIL


I am really looking forward to the 3 day weekend and I'm not even sure what I am going to do. I think time outside with my hubbie is all I really want. What are your plans for the holiday?

I had to tell you I tried to create my own work of art last night. I had the wrong paint and the wrong brushes. So. . . .  you could say it didn't really turn out. Fortunately it was little time wasted and the finished product wasn't hideous, but hopefully the 2nd times the charm.

I wanted you to see this room that I love, and the beautiful bold colors and fun artwork on the wall. If try #2 works out for me I will let you see my original work that was my breakout into the world of being an artist on canvas. If you never hear about this canvas and painting attempt again, it be best if you not bring it up.

P.S. Did you spot the python pillow? I've expressed my love for python before right here.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


The newest issue of Rue magazine came out this week and here are a just a couple of things I am loving right now.

 Love the purple artwork, amazing dresser and gold mirror.

 Doesn't that bed make you want to roll around in it? I know I want to.

Aren't these so fun and colorful? I want a summer backyard party before my husband and I leave for the Mid-west.

Also, I have a few mini projects I am working on and will post them as soon as they are done. I know I have been lacking in the personal project posts lately.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What Do You Get?

What do you get when you put together


and this?

The fabrics for our sofa pillow covers! Now I have been struggling for the longest time deciding which geometric fabrics I would tie with which florals and I was never happy with the end result. In the end I went different hues of the primary colors. I LOVE color and have always loved these fabrics. I figure, that no matter which way I go with colors in a room, these fabrics will look great and can be switched out and around to different rooms. We'll see what we end up with!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Love- Python

It doesn't seem to fit my style or personality, but I have been drawn to anything python for quite some time now. I have secretly hoped that Michael Kors would get soft and sell his python totes %75 off so that I could partake in the goodness. I love python paper, trays, key chains, shoes and anything else.

I couldn't ever bring myself to have a piece of furniture covered in a python design though, but I am all about accessorizing. Check out these amazing python goodies.

I've always loved these python trays from Furbish Studio

 via here

A cute console table

via Laura Yaggy's Lorely Furniture Line

Ipad case- I wish they made python Kindle covers

via here

It's a problem how much I love this Michel Kors tote

Michael Kors also does a great python heel

Remember this python paper I blogged about here

via here

And I have been dying over this keyring as well, not to mention that cute box as well

via here

 I have a python problem. What am I going to do? Does anyone else have this problem or one similar to it?

Monday, May 23, 2011

Suzanne Kasler

Welcome to Monday folks! We had two days of sun which was lovely. These past few weeks of rain were starting to get me a little down. Hope you all were able to enjoy the sunny weather as well.

I was oogling over rooms designed by Suzanne Kasler. She has such great taste and knows how to design a room with a lot going on in it as well as make other rooms look clean and simply. These are just some rooms of hers I am currently in love with.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Pardon the short post, but I spent all yesterday without my work computer so I have a lot to catch up on today. I did, however, spend my lunch hour looking through the newest issue of Ivy & Piper. It is the "fashion issue", but there is still so much color and inspiration throughout the entire magazine. Go check it out!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I Found The Pillow!

A while back I blogged about a bedroom that I am IN LOVE with. Remember this room?

Well, I was messing around online today and guess what I stumbled upon?! The two-toned pink ikat pillow! I have been trying to find fabric as close to this as I could, but have had no success.

Isn't it gorgeous?!

So, is there a happy ending to this story? Nope. It's $125. A bit too much for right now or maybe ever, but now I don't know what to do. Now that I have found the real thing I will have a hard time settling for a poor imitation. A happy but sad day.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Interior Design Eyecandy

This morning I died as I looked over today's post at Everything LEB. She had some photos from the site of Christina Murphy. You can definitely see the style she goes for. I wouldn't live in every room she creates because they are for the more stylish, high living, formal people in this world. There is no other way to present this other than giving you a play by play as I went through her site.

Prepare yourself. It's an overload.

Mod design, awesome pendent lighting and those large windows are gorgeous!

Who wouldn't love a vanity with that much character and drawers.

Love how clean and crisp this is. It would make for a great guest room or your own bedroom once you personalized it a bit.

I'm obsessed with that lighting fixture, that round pedestal table and the bench as well as normal seating. So colorful and fun!

Digging the clean and crisp look with that counter to ceiling back splash.

Love the details of the drawers and shelves.

I want my children to have bunk beds and these built-ins really give them a finished look.

 I love contrasting piping. You could also pull off those coffee tables with the Ikea $7 side tables they sell. I've only consider doing it about 25 times.

 That mirror is beyond  outstanding. What a focal point! I also love wall to wall bookshelves.

 I'm a sucker for greek key design. Check out a DIY for a similar dresser here.
 The minute I have a hallway wide enough or an entry way I will invest in a console table. I love the look. Flank it with seating for functionality and a lamp or two never hurts. My default is always to add a mirror too.

 Check out this look-a-like dresser made from an Ikea dresser here.

 Grey and yellow is always a great color combo. Love those large windows.

 Settees are gorgeous. This simple elegant look is right up my alley. Maybe a pop of color with some accents pillows wouldn't hurt.

 Um. . . silver leafing in the entire entryway? I love it! Not to mention that incredible chandelier.

 Yes. I love wallpaper, lucite anything and that mirror is it's own show.

 Here is a mirror similar to the one in the wallpaper room above. I've wanted a mirror like this for a while and found one here for $70.

 Those floor to ceiling windows and those black chinoiserie chairs. Killer.

 Mirror and console table are perfect.

Too busy to actually live in, but I'm digging everything in this room. Especially the layout of the desk and bed. It makes great use of the space.

Exciting! I've decided on the final look for our couch pillows. That only took how many weeks and hours of brainstorming and searching through online fabric stores to find what I like and can afford? I'll post as soon as they are sewn and stuffed.
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