Monday, May 16, 2011

A View I Would Kill For

I would not say I am a big city girl, but I would not object to moving to Chicago, Boston or New York for a few years. It is no secret to my husband that I would love to spend a few years in the Big Apple while we are young and childless (I wouldn't raise a child there for their sake, and mine). I know space is VERY limited, but the food is amazing, there is so much to see, so many free activities, different and wonderful people, and just a whole different experience I would love to have.

I've gone a couple of times to spend a week with my good friend Hyeku who lives out in New York. She is my favorite person because she takes me to all those little places that only locals would know about. My trips are never touristy and I meet the greatest people and have the most creative time of my life. She has a tiny apartment, but it works and makes for cozy and entertaining parties. Many nights we'd end up sleeping at whatever apartment we were visiting when 3 a.m. hit. It was a blast and I want to have more experience like that, but with my wonderful husband now.

What got me on this big kick was a New York home tour I saw on Madebygirl of Melanie's from Luxury Monograms. I would give almost anything for a view like this

 I'd die to have windows in my apartment that large.

 Can my office desk look out onto an amazing street/city view like that please? 

I had to throw this last shot in because she has a great space that she has really made her own.

P.S. We are moving to St. Louis at the end of July which many keep telling me is a "big city". I'll take what I can get. I've heard there are great things in that city too.

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  1. ah! big windows! my windows currently look out into a beautiful fence beyond which there is some dirt. I know, I know...try to contain your jealousy.


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