Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Our New Old Couch

We've rented our couch from our apartment complex since we got married because we didn't have the money to spend on a couch we loved and we weren't going to buy a gross with who knows what's on it  couch that we could afford. So, Royal Blue became apart of our family. It has held up great, is clean and that velvet fabric just screams classy, doesn't it?

The Old

With a move to Law School coming in a few months, I decided we needed to find a couch to own. Everyday I would skim the local online classifieds, but no one's junk ever appealed to me. I would not purchase anything that was sagging, lived with any pet or was an ugly color.

Then I found it. The couch. It was gray (nice neutral color), no saggy cushions, only 2 miles from our house and only $50. We'd missed out on two other great deals the week before so my husband jumped on it and within an hour of it being posted that couch was

My husband and I spent the next couple of days washing the cushion covers, lint rolling the entire baby, vacuuming, febreeze-ing and repeating that process until I felt comfortable sitting on a couch that had been previously owned. BUT we sat down only to discover that the back was broken. I was bummed. I had come to like the couch a lot. We thought about fixing it ourselves and I was a bit against it. We didn't know what was underneath that fabric and if we could even fix it once we found out the problem, but my husband took charge and within 20 minutes we had the back ripped up.

I don't have pics of the before or during process, but my husband snapped this picture on his phone. It was after the surgery, but before he closed up the wound. I went to work yesterday morning with a couch that had no back sitting upside down in my living room and at 2pm I got a text from my husband telling me it was done. I was so surprised to hear it had gone so fast, but then to see the couch in person and have it look like it had never been ripped apart was a shocker.

This is the after picture my husband texted me while I was at work.Check out that straight back. You'd never know it just had major surgery.

Our New Old Couch!

That puppy is tough and I can't wait to get my new colorful pillow covers on it. That gray will look great in whatever apartment we move into next and that couch will definitely hold us through 3 years of law school. I also owe a big thank you to my husband for being wonderful enough to take on a job I was scared to do and thought couldn't be done by inexperienced us. Thanks Babe!

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  1. That is impressive! Seriously. I'm just majorly impressed. And that couch looks great!


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