Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Design books I would love to own

Last night my husband and I stopped off at Barnes & Noble to look around. No particular reason. I didn’t know he liked B&N, but I was thrilled! I could and have spent hours in that place. The smell of books gets me sooooo bad.

I darted for the interior design section to flip through my favorite book. Domino. It’s A-mazing. It’s THE book that every designer and wanna be designer should own. I do not currently own one myself, but I am hopeful it will one day become a reality. You can find it for about $10 less online than you can in stores, and that’s including shipping.

Anyway, I spent the entire B&N visit sitting on the floor (this is the only store I will sit on the floor) going over every page of that book loving all of the helpful tips and the gorgeous inspiration that was on each page.

After loving my special time with Domino and I, I thought I would give you all a list of some great design books. They are in no particular order, except for my number one. I mean, please. It’s A-mazing.

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I am in love with the UK version. I think it's just because I love the comfy and electric look of the room on the front color instead of the cow hide throw on the US version.
The UK version

The US version
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I actually haven't seen inside this book yet, but the title alone intrigues me. I've heard good things.
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  1. I LOVED the Domino Mag and was so disappointed when they stopped making it - I've been meaning to snag the book for years because I'm always afraid it's going to go out of print but it's still out there. I love it!


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