Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Love- Python

It doesn't seem to fit my style or personality, but I have been drawn to anything python for quite some time now. I have secretly hoped that Michael Kors would get soft and sell his python totes %75 off so that I could partake in the goodness. I love python paper, trays, key chains, shoes and anything else.

I couldn't ever bring myself to have a piece of furniture covered in a python design though, but I am all about accessorizing. Check out these amazing python goodies.

I've always loved these python trays from Furbish Studio

 via here

A cute console table

via Laura Yaggy's Lorely Furniture Line

Ipad case- I wish they made python Kindle covers

via here

It's a problem how much I love this Michel Kors tote

Michael Kors also does a great python heel

Remember this python paper I blogged about here

via here

And I have been dying over this keyring as well, not to mention that cute box as well

via here

 I have a python problem. What am I going to do? Does anyone else have this problem or one similar to it?

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