Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Decisions Decisions- Lampshades

I have been bouncing ideas around for my lampshades that are on the lamps on the bedside tables. I covered them with paisley fabric from a local fabric store, but never loved anything about the fabric. I just needed something to cover up the white shade. Now that I have ripped the fabric half off I am figuring out the new look. If I had painted walls I would leave the shades white, but with white walls our bedroom is screaming for some color.

I love the designs from Shades of Light

 These are all nice, but I feel that they are too soft and not the right kind of color I need. If color wasn't what I was going for I would totally do this 

to get this look

 Remember that my lamp bases are clear.

Since I need to really stick to not putting black in our bedroom I am leaning toward my husband's request of green in our bedroom. I am thinking perhaps some kind of solid blue/green/turqoise color on the outside of the shade and then doing gold inside to tie in the hardware that will someday be on our nightstands and that is on our sunburst mirror above our bed.

I'll let you know what we end up deciding.

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