Friday, May 6, 2011

Tutorial: DIY Caitlin Wilson's signature pillows

Happy Friday Everybody! In celebration of Cinco de Mayo yesterday I decided to give my blog an all day Siesta. Now on to today's post:

I have always loved the look of Caitlin Wilson’s signature pillows from Caitlin Wilson Design. She has done a few orders here and there for people requesting on her blog and I never took the plunge. They are gorgeous and can be used in so many design styles, especially with all the different colors available.

A while back I decided to tackle my own DIY for these pillows and I thought I would finally share the tutorial.

I chose to make a navy blue pillow and dark pink pillow. I made those with just a normal envelope opening in the back (Caitlin's pillows have zippers). I bought some iron-on heat bonding tape and ribbon from JoAnn's.

To get the greek key design I just kind of eyeballed with a measuring tape about where I would like the ribbon to go. I then measured and cut out 4 strips of the three sizes I needed. I can't remember the length of the long pieces, but the little pieces I cut 3 inch strips and then 4 inch strips to wrap a 1/2 inch around the 3 inch ones. I'm sorry that might sound really complicated.

I assume The Caitlin Wilson pillows actually have the ribbon sewn on to them, but I thought I would give the heat bonding a try. I cut one inch squares of that heat bondingtape and bonded the four long strips together.

 I then added a 3 inch strip and a 4 inch strip. and bonded those together.

 This is what the back looks like.

Here are all of the ribbon strips bonded together.

I then covered the entire back of my ribbon greek key design with bonding tape, flipped it over, positioned it where I would like it and got to ironing.


And Voila!

And yes, I do not have inserts in them yet, but I still love them.

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