Thursday, May 12, 2011

A Goodlooking Island- Little Green Notebook

An island in a kitchen is used for many things. It's counter space for food preparation and it's a space for eating. Each person has specific needs for an island and some people have no reason for an island. I assume, in my future home, I will have an island in my kitchen. I love the idea of me preparing dinner at our island while my children sit on stools at the island and tell me all about their day. That's what I did with my mom growing up.

That being said, I loved this island built and decorated by Little Green Notebook. She did a bit of piecing together and the look turned out great. Obviously this island is not for eating meals at, but it does the job it was meant to do when it was created.

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  1. Due to your sweet little co-worker Casey, I have been blog stalking you. :) I love home decor and DIY and I found myself coming back to your blog to see the fun things that you post... so I just figured, why not become a legitimate follower? Hope you don't mind.

    Looking forward to more.


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