Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Details: Finishing a Room

You can stuff a room with furniture and arrange it in the perfect layout and yet still have a room that feels incomplete. It comes down to the little details and accessories one fills their room with that really tie everything together. My problem I always battle with is spending money on accessories that have no meaning to me and are just for show. I don't like a room to be a show room, which is why my rooms always feel half done. I add accessories as I need them or find meaning in them. Function AND style please!

It was in this post that I mentioned my vague plans for completing mine and my husband's bedroom by adding the finishing touches. Once I repaint our nightstands I can bring in the color and personality.

Here are few details you can add to complete a room and while personalizing it to you. All of these can run a bit pricey, but can also be done on the cheap and given the old DIY.

1. Artwork- Hanging or leaning

2. Books- For browsing or reading

3. Boxes, fresh flowers and trays

4. Lamps- Colored bases or colored shades

5. Mirrors- Ornate or simple

6. Pillows- My favorite, easy to change with so much color!


Monday, January 30, 2012

Color Combo: Pink & Red

Welcome to a new week! Mine is starting out windy (typical Chicago), but also sunny. Yesterday I was able to get together with some friends of ours to have a Pre-Valentines Day dinner. It was delicious and fun to be with friends while enjoying a little pink and red. I know February is still a couple days away, but I thought I would pull some pink and red rooms together to get you in the mood.

images via here, here and here

Are you trying to get into the lover's day mood?

Friday, January 27, 2012


I realized that, somewhere in the last 5 months, the meaning of Fridays changed from the ending of a crazy week with a relaxing weekend ahead to the crazy and crap keep going regardless of the day. I spent the second half the day at the doctors office for my 24 week appointment and the first half in bed with no energy because I was fasting for a stupid pregnancy blood test (that never ended up happening).

I've decided, instead of finding things to look forward to, I would give myself something awesome to enjoy right now. While I am trying to tell myself that is not the list of clothes I have in my online shopping cart at this very moment I am turning my attention to this pretty fantastic room. . .

Can you believe this room? It's got some union jack, python, a black and white strips, a parsons desk, dark wood floors, green walls, floral curtains and an amazing short four poster bed. There is even more to this room than what I've pointed out, but how insane to have so many different looks going on and have them flow so well together. Kudos.

Is your weekend giving you something to relax and look forward too?

Thursday, January 26, 2012

To Brighten Up Your (MY) Week

Sorry for stepping out yesterday. I was a little more than under the weather and my wonderful husband actually stayed home to take care of me. So, in order to keep my spirits up today I wanted to share two things that I am currently loving. . .

Designer Caitlin Wilson's coral sofa- PERFECT!

Wishing for one of Cathryn's Chanel Perfume Prints

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Florals in the House!

You might remember this recent post about my love for florals. Well, after many months of sitting around in a corner of our apartment, I finally glammed up my cane back chairs and I am loving how they turned out.

Here's an idea of what they once were (sooo dirty)


Monday, January 23, 2012

The Perfect Office Space

Lately I have really been craving my own little office space, which disappeared once I got married. Having that space really helped me organize my life. That space was where I studied, worked, read, brainstormed and created. It was the space where I laid out my ideas and let them sit for a while.

Last night I found this photo of my perfect office space. It takes away some of the mod and colorful aspects I love to see in a gorgeous space, but this office is where I would be most comfortable. A large open window, natural wood desk and bookshelves, beautiful fresh flowers and my own knowledge and meaning of Paris.

I could be forever happy here.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy Friday!

I'm convinced I need a bar cart to use as a side table. This one from Society Social is calling my name.

Enjoy the weekend!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

It's in the details

Last night I was working on a large art piece for our living room and I got a bit stuck. I sat down on the sofa and after dinking around on my computer for 15 minutes, using no brain power at all, I had a huge realization. I FINISHED THE DESIGN OF OUR BEDROOM! Somewhere between emails, music and contemplating life I assembled the rest of our bedroom and knew it was perfect.

The great thing is that I have the foundation of our design all laid out (it turns out I was heading in some direction when I was creating our duvet cover, headboard and collecting furniture). All that is left are the DETAILS, which MAKE A ROOM. I am going to hold off on telling you my specific ideas, but here is what I am spending my time on between now and the party celebration of our completed bedroom.

1. A pillow- just one and it is beautiful

2. Paint and knobs

3. Lighting

4. Art

Get ready because there is an end in sight and it looks good!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New issue of Rue Magazine!!!

The new issue of Rue came out yesterday and, my favorite so far is the styled apartment of Danielle Moss who lives here in Chicago. I live in quite a small space myself and seeing Danielle's bedroom, specifically, take on her own personal style was very inspiring. I have so many ideas of my own I need to get going on.

Thank you to Alaina of Live Creating Yourself for posting the beautiful pictures of Danielle's apartment.

 Always the biggest fan of crisp clean white fabrics and walls

 So feminie with the flowers and pops of pink and gold

I could see myself spending Sunday afternoons tucked in that bed reading all afternoon. Such a great space. I am working on creating a more put together look for mine and my husband's bedroom and making sure I steer clear from the overly feminine, for his sake.

Go check our Rue and all of it's many other stylish features!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Happy MLK Day

Happy Martin Luther King Day! My husband and I slept in extremely late, living it up before baby girl comes, and we were just putting the finishing touches on a little project when we hit a small snag. We'll be running to our local Home Depot this afternoon to remedy the problem and then I will show you what we've been working on later this week.

I am loving this bedroom.Very light and airy with a few pops of pink and turquoise in the lamps, pouf, throw and border of the comforter. I'm also always a sucker for a Madeline Weinrib rug and loving the mirrored nightstands. I must admit I lean towards the side of neutrals in the bedroom in order to create a cozy, simple, less chaotic feel in order to get a little R&R. 

Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy Friday!

 I want to be there. Out there. Wherever that is, I want to be there.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Lonny Sneak Peak

I had another post planned for today, but I've decided I might be taking a snow day in fear of this. . .

Winter 2011- a mile from our apartment

I know this is a bit extreme (we're only expected to get 3-5 inches), but we have been enjoying some extreme weather here in Chicago this winter with days in the 40s and 50s. I also had a dream last night about crazy tornadoes and, just yesterday, I told my husband that we would die of starvation and thirst if any big or medium sized natural disaster hit because we are lacking in food storage. 

So, I am heading downtown this morning to hit up my favorite grocery store and stock up for the "cold winter" ahead before the snow starts falling (Yes, I am so paranoid at this point that I am buying a few gallons of water). Wish me luck!

I wanted to leave you with this awesome sneak peak from Lonny's March/April magazine and I must say I am LOVING!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Who What Wear Office Tour

Images of the offices at Who What Wear are no stranger to the design blog world, but I don't believe they will ever get old. Just the other day, I set their office images to rotate on my background of my desktop as I am trying to fulfill some new year resolutions, like take a more professional approach to design.

The gorgeous design of the offices, their furniture, accessories, colors and fun use of fashion accents gives me that extra boost I need to create (or picture) a similar work space for myself.

Check them out. . .

Now, if I could only talk my husband into allowing me to style his office area where I like to work. . .
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