Thursday, January 5, 2012

Some Big News!

Quite a few things have happened since my blog went on hiatus at the end of last year. Some happened and passed, but there is one that is ongoing. My husband and I are expecting our first child and just two days ago we found out we will be having a little GIRL!

Neither of us had a guess or a preference of what we would have, but we are both over the moon about our baby girl who will be gracing us with her presents mid-May.

On the drive home my husband made a joke about me getting online that night to start picking out baby clothes, how wrong he was. I spent the night online planning out her nursery. You could say the overall theme is simple, clean and soft.

For the longest time nurseries were either pink or blue. Design then evolved to nurseries not being gender specific, which meant they became either a light green or yellow. I am happy to see that nurseries have turned a corner once again and are cuter and more unique than ever. Thank goodness designers and everyday people like us have started to take the path of "I will design what I like" not so much of "I will design what is in".

Check out some nurseries that had specific details I love.

 Chandelier for a baby girl nursery? A must!

 Have always loved this For Like Ever poster that you can purchase here.

 Love the idea of a sofa in the nursery and what room can't a Madeline Weinrib rug go in?

 Blush is a very elegant color choice these days. I feel like I could be guaranteed raising a little lady if I created a room for her with white furniture, natural wood, lace and accents of blush.

 Yes. A lot of pink, but loving the chandelier and the pop art idea of your adorable baby.

 A cute stencil choice and great dresser with oversized mirror.

 The color gray is kind of the way to go these days with creating a room that is not completely gender specific.

Love this bright color combo, the scalloped inlay design and the idea of using the closet as the space for a crib.

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