Thursday, January 19, 2012

It's in the details

Last night I was working on a large art piece for our living room and I got a bit stuck. I sat down on the sofa and after dinking around on my computer for 15 minutes, using no brain power at all, I had a huge realization. I FINISHED THE DESIGN OF OUR BEDROOM! Somewhere between emails, music and contemplating life I assembled the rest of our bedroom and knew it was perfect.

The great thing is that I have the foundation of our design all laid out (it turns out I was heading in some direction when I was creating our duvet cover, headboard and collecting furniture). All that is left are the DETAILS, which MAKE A ROOM. I am going to hold off on telling you my specific ideas, but here is what I am spending my time on between now and the party celebration of our completed bedroom.

1. A pillow- just one and it is beautiful

2. Paint and knobs

3. Lighting

4. Art

Get ready because there is an end in sight and it looks good!

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