Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Details: Finishing a Room

You can stuff a room with furniture and arrange it in the perfect layout and yet still have a room that feels incomplete. It comes down to the little details and accessories one fills their room with that really tie everything together. My problem I always battle with is spending money on accessories that have no meaning to me and are just for show. I don't like a room to be a show room, which is why my rooms always feel half done. I add accessories as I need them or find meaning in them. Function AND style please!

It was in this post that I mentioned my vague plans for completing mine and my husband's bedroom by adding the finishing touches. Once I repaint our nightstands I can bring in the color and personality.

Here are few details you can add to complete a room and while personalizing it to you. All of these can run a bit pricey, but can also be done on the cheap and given the old DIY.

1. Artwork- Hanging or leaning

2. Books- For browsing or reading

3. Boxes, fresh flowers and trays

4. Lamps- Colored bases or colored shades

5. Mirrors- Ornate or simple

6. Pillows- My favorite, easy to change with so much color!


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