Friday, January 27, 2012


I realized that, somewhere in the last 5 months, the meaning of Fridays changed from the ending of a crazy week with a relaxing weekend ahead to the crazy and crap keep going regardless of the day. I spent the second half the day at the doctors office for my 24 week appointment and the first half in bed with no energy because I was fasting for a stupid pregnancy blood test (that never ended up happening).

I've decided, instead of finding things to look forward to, I would give myself something awesome to enjoy right now. While I am trying to tell myself that is not the list of clothes I have in my online shopping cart at this very moment I am turning my attention to this pretty fantastic room. . .

Can you believe this room? It's got some union jack, python, a black and white strips, a parsons desk, dark wood floors, green walls, floral curtains and an amazing short four poster bed. There is even more to this room than what I've pointed out, but how insane to have so many different looks going on and have them flow so well together. Kudos.

Is your weekend giving you something to relax and look forward too?

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