Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I wouldn't call today's focus trendy, but more of a personal preference because I find many people still trying to wrap their minds around it.

I love bold, graphic, geometric, solids, etc. I love it all, but I believe a design that gets overlooked a bit too often are florals. Florals can be done really wrong. Those large cartoon looking things in hippie shapes and colors that can only, but really shouldn't even, go in a little girl's room should be done away with.

Many people also believe that the other side of florals are grandma's sofa from that puke green and brown carpet time, but I am here to tell you none of that has to be. Florals can really break up the too crisp and perfect lines of a room and add subtle pops of color as well as tie design elements together by sharing the different colors of a room on one pillow or a duvet cover.

I also love that florals are used on everything these days like artwork, wallpaper, bedding and sofas. There are no limits to where and what florals can do. I just finished a project that incorporates a great floral fabric in our living room and, NO, it doesn't make the room too girlie. Just ask my manly husband.

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