Monday, August 8, 2011

Coral, Gold and Cobalt

Our apartment is completely white. I mean white. I am still deciding if I want a color palette for our new living room or if I should just go for a complete mix and match.

There are questions to ask for each; Does my color palette have to be continuous throughout the entire apartment because of the small space? If not, how different in color can I make each room where they are all in such close proximity? When going eclectic do I make sure nothing matches? Can I really use all finishes?

Do what you like, not what you think others will think looks good and DON'T over think it! I have a bunch of favorite pieces that are very different in texture and finish that will look great thrown together, but if I decide to follow a color palette I am definitely leaning this way. . .

I have become absolutely obsessed with Coral and Gold separately. Why not throw them together?


P.S. Tomorrow we head back to the land of no internet. I will be MIA until Monday I am guessing.

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