Thursday, September 1, 2011

ONE MONTH- Building a mini closet

We've been in our new place for one month now, but half of that time we've spent driving around the country visiting family. We got unpacked fairly quickly because we had family come stay with us soon after we arrived. However, with twice as much square footage, all of our unpacked boxes have left every room looking a bit empty. I have already started projects and have great plans to fill our place.

One of those projects was addressing the closet space issue. As much as my husband and I LOVE our St. Louis apartment, we have one tiny closet in our bedroom. I mean tiny. We each have a 2 1/2 foot rod to hang all our clothes.  My husband uses his nightstand for the rest of our clothes and I use our dresser, but this organized mess has been sitting in our room for the last month.

A bit unsightly. My first thought was to have my husband build us more storage, a mini closet or dresser looking type of closet. After my husband reminded me that he does not own the tools to do such a project right now my mind went to Ikea. Ikea has inexpensive storage solutions, but I had googled Ikea locations long before we moved out to St. Louis and I was a bit sad to find our nearest store to be 256 miles away. After the thousands of miles we've driven in the last month I was not about to hop in the car for another road trip. So, after a bit more searching, Target came to the rescue and I was able to buy individual storage pieces to assemble my own mini closet. Here is what we ended up with.


 It isn't a custom built walk in closet, but it works.

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  1. Um.... I love this!!!! i cant wait to read this all of the time!!! I miss you! Love you!!!


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