Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Our Office's Little Beginnings

This weekend I started working on our little home office (a.k.a husband's second home for the next 3 years of law school). As much as I would love to make this a home office out of the pages of Adore magazine, this room's main priority is being the best work space for my husband. So, we're keeping it simple, a no fuss kind of office space.

My husband's only request was that the surface space be large. I was way ahead of the guy. A long while ago I knew I wanted a desk that felt spacious and natural. I did not want a chunky piece of furniture with a million drawers and a hutch, but something that felt light and was off the ground. I love these looks below if I was creating an office for me and not a manly man.
 images via Pinterest 

So. . . I decided to build my own desk. After looking at legs, table tops, and prices it seemed a simple decision to go with this Ikea table top and these legs. Then, just days after I purchased my desk, and was waiting for it to ship, the design gods told Bryn from Bryn Alexandra to post an office project she was working on where she built using the same table top. I followed her directions in staining the top and here is what we are looking at now. . .

I threw some things on the desk to give you an idea of it's awesome potential, but my husband's books quickly replaced my design books.

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