Monday, September 12, 2011

Expressions Furniture

Just this last week I was sitting in the car while my husband filled it up with gas and I saw a furniture store with the most colorful and stylish window display across the street. I told my husband I had to go inside and so I dropped him off at home to do some home work and headed back to Expressions Furniture.

Expressions Furniture is the first stylish and selective furniture store I have seen since moving here to St. Louis. The walls are lined with fabric rolls and their back room is laid out in a put-your-furniture-dream-together with fabric and rug swatches scattered everywhere. I scoped out three other furniture stores that same day only to find that every other store have a very traditional style and didn't offer any creativity or other style choices. The owner of Expressions Furniture hand selects her furniture pieces for her floor and the options are endless for the customer. You can buy a piece as is or you can pick your fabric, color, piping or no piping, throw pillow choices, the options are endless for a piece unique to you.

I only had an hour to look around, but I spent it grilling the owner about her furniture selections and we definitely bonded over a few pieces.

This couch is incredibly comfy and has the perfect touch of pink piping.Yes, it could be a girlie couch, but I could definitely see it in my living room with a few different green and blue throw pillows to make it a little more guy friendly.

My favorite pieces in this photo are the gold and mirrored coffee table (check out that leg action going on under there!) and I was dying over the floor rugs. They're like a mod twist on kilim rugs.

This purple Moroccan table was calling my name. It would have come home with me had I been. . . rich. See those amazing drapes? Yup, the owner's stylist grabbed some fabric and put those together. I want those for my windows!

I held this number in my hands for a while. Who isn't in need of an embroidered colorful bird pillow?

These side tables were a part of the window display that pulled me in in the first place.

I apologize for the window shot, but I needed a picture of the back of this chair. That pineapple lamp? Love the color and the large shade.

With so many options, you all would have been drooling in their too.

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