Friday, March 25, 2011

I won. . . and fell in love all over again

Thanks to Abbe at Studio Ten 25 I won a giveaway to her stylish shop ShopTen 25. It took me almost a whole month to decide which piece I wanted most, but I finally decided on the plastic moulded rocking chair, we're lacking in seating at our house.

As I waited for it to arrive I began to doubt my decision. It would be too tiny, I'd heard other people say only a munchkin could sit in it. I then began telling my husband to not expect anything amazing so that he wouldn't make fun of it when it came out the size of a barbie dollhouse chair.

However, a week later this guy was waiting for my man and I when we got home from work.

My husband loves this design stuff now. He offered to cut the last taped side of the box and immediately grabbed the chair from my hands and asked for the tool kit so he could put it together.

In no time we had an assembled chair and and within seconds I was in love. It wasn't too small, it's comfy and it fits our apartment perfectly, a normal sized puffy chair would have been too big for the space. I'm also so grateful to have some white furniture in this very black family/dining room. The pictures do not do it justice. I need a new camera.

Now all I need are some light colored floral fabrics to change out my pillow covers. Spring is here and my apartment doesn't look like it. How gorgeous is a colorful pillow going to look in that chair?!

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