Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Living Room

So here is the inspiration board for our living room. Half of the things we already own (the not as colorful half) and the other half are purchases that will be made in the next little bit. And no, that is not the shape of our couch, the color yes, but this couch has this awesome retro car looking style that I wouldn't mind working with.

Right now our living room is too dark, thanks to the lack of windows and natural light. So, what we are adding to our current set up is the white console table, gorgeous fabrics for the pillows, some colored vases and a couple coats of yellow paint to a tray I already own. Top it off with some white curtains and add dark pink trim to tie in with the pillow fabrics and we are ready to go.

My husband always approves of the designs I run past him, it's just the money to be spent that he always asks me about. My most recent favorite husband decorating moment was when he saw me looking at fabric for the pillows and said, "Our pillows are already covered" and then I explain how we need brighter pillow covers in order to welcome spring into our home. He doesn't get it, but always shakes his head in agreement and says, "oh, right. I get it." I am a very lucky girl.

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