Tuesday, March 29, 2011

West Elm Pin-Tucked Duvet Cover- DIY

I spotted this gorgeous duvet at West Elm a bit ago, but the price wasn't exactly in my range. So, after a bit of Googling I found that Living on the Chic had a DIY and I immediately went to town.

 After a quick run to Walmart for two white flat queen sized sheets and one full for my pillow cases I got going. I followed Living on the Chic directions exactly and used the Martha Stewart trick on how to make the pintucks.

I pushed out all the furniture, vaccuumed the floor and got to pinning. Living on the Chic used a sewing machine, but I did mine by hand. Either works. Once I marked where I wanted my pintucks to go I only spent about 3 hours doing the actual stitching. It flew by thanks to the hours of design shows on Hulu.

End result. . .


 (My apologies for the poor quality pic. Blame it on the night light and my old camera)

I made my duvet for a full and I found out that I could have just used full flat sheets instead of the queen's that I purchased. I just cut off the extra length after I sewed the flat back and the pintucked front together. Easy fix. 

It turned out perfectly and when I hop into bed I do pretend I am being hugged by a puffy white cloud.


  1. It turned out great! Good job! Doing them by hand does take a bit more time, but it's soo much fun!

    Much Love,


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