Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It was my Birthday and it was Awesome!

Saturday my husband and I celebrated my birthday. There are two things I always ask for 1) Spend my day outside in the warm sunny weather and 2) Spend time with my family. I got both and it was the best day!

I spent the day running around in these fun shoes from Twigg. Do you feel awesome depending on the shoes you are wearing? I DO! These shoes make me feel so girly and light and airy. My peter pan/pirate boots, I am wearing at this moment, make me feel unique and awesome and every time I see a curb I have to do a heel click jump.

We slept in and then went to breakfast (I love eating and my husband always makes sure that is a big part of any of our plans). We then headed out to my Sister and BIL's house where we played with their 4 children in the backyard. Sprinklers under the trampoline and happy kids running around in their bathing suits on a sunny day. So fun! Then some Japanese for dinner and to the restaurant that has the BEST RESTAURANT DESSERT (Yes, bold claim and I will make it).

It was such a fun day. Once my parents get back in to town, the whole family will be getting together to bbq and hang outside to re-celebrate my birthday. Can't wait!

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