Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Our Bedroom

The last week has been a bit crazy, but I promise to have some posts recapping all of it's awesomeness.

I have been debating for a long time when or even if I would show you our apartment as a whole. It is always a work in progress when you are working with a small budget, life and a mind that wants a million different things. I've decided to bite the bullet and show you our little apartment starting with our bedroom.

I've put a hold on most projects until we move next month so that nothing gets dinged in the move or I don't buy more things that will need to be pack up in our already tight fit trailer.

1) will be painting our nightstands white and adding some gold hardware
2) tossing the lampshades when we move and buying new ones (maybe black!)
3) That sunburst will be finding a new home in our next apartment and something a bit more substantial will be taking its place

The wall mural was my Valentine gift to my husband. It was up  for 4 months and just came down this weekend. I think I read it more than he did, but it's just because I like hearing how wonderful I know my husband is.

About a month ago we switched to some summer bedding. The DIY West Elm duvet cover (with 2 comforters inside it) went into storage and was replaced by a light weight comforter. It's perfect for the hot summer nights that have already arrived.

As much as I love things to look pretty, I only keep books on my nightstand that I am actually reading. If something is somewhere not being used I begin to feel cluttered.

Here are the togo fabric pillows I sewed last week. I wanted to try them on the bed, but I am sure they are finding their more permanent spot on the couch in the living room.

So there you have it, our bedroom. The last week and a half has been warm enough to sleep with our window open at night and the birds always wake me up between 4:50-5:00am. Waking up to birds chirping can't not make you happy.

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  1. NO WAY I'M IN LOVE WITH THE MURAL. Seriously. That is the cutest/most wonderful thing I've ever seen. Sorry that I comment on almost every post. But I love your blog. And you.


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