Thursday, February 9, 2012

Black & White Love

Designing on a budget requires you to work with what you've got when it comes to the big things. Most of our furniture throughout our apartment is either black or white in a little too clean and simple manner (dang you ikea). So I've been scouring the internet to figure out how to take my simple furniture to a bit more glam of a look. I have in no way figured it out, but check out these stunning black and white interiors that are giving me some inspiration.

Add bright pop of color. I favor coral or pink. . .  always.

Make it look like it is all on purpose with black and white accesories

Keep it simple by limiting the clutter

Go big and bold like these wall stripes

Class it up by adding some ornamentation to your pieces

Create a  focal point

Make white the more prominent color by limiting the black only where required (floor) and in accents (those fabulous curtains and lamp shades)

Or be talented enough to do your own thing and hope it turns out like this gorgeous office, designed by Nichole Loiacono, featured in Adore Magazine

 Here is a simpler "winging it" version I might be able to follow


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