Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Rug Hunting We Will Go

I fell in love with rugs the moment my husband and I moved into our first place with tile floors and low pile carpet. They not only added a bit of a comfy homey feel, but they covered up the ugly dark carpet color.

The last few months I have been on the hunt for an inexpensive kilim rug that has the perfect mix of bright colors (inexpensive? a girl can dream). Not only are large kilim rugs that aren't an arm and a leg hard to find, but I am always afraid they will be delivered to my house and reek of some nasty nasty smell (I like things clean and smell free).

I found this little article on Apartment Therapy the other day about taking a Crate & Barrel rug and adding some pops of color through paint in order to imitate a pricier rug. The idea was great, but I have been trying to steer clear of black and white when it comes to accessories like art, books, pillows and rugs.

Enter this rug. I was checking out Kilim rugs on Ebay the other day and somehow stumbled upon a company that makes colorful rugs and, while they are only striped and not all detailed out like a lovely kilim, the 2x6 runner I purchased was a measly little $20 which made me take a chance on the stripes.

I figure if I like the runner after giving it a test run I might but a few of their 4x6 rugs to layer who knows where to add some more much needed color throughout our place. For now I am thinking the runner might look best in our kitchen (it's all spread out along one wall and open to the living room) and I suspect it will find a place in the hallway or entryway of our next apartment which we will hopefully be moving into in the next couple of months.

What do you think? Not much of a risk for $20, but I'm excited.

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