Monday, April 30, 2012

Interior Design as my De-stresser

Today was a rainy day that became very overwhelming very quickly. I had a baby appointment where we got the great news that Baby Girl will probably be arriving earlier than we thought. We have been excited about the news all day, but it quickly set in just how much I have left to do before she arrives.

Random To Do:
  • Register car (a lot harder when registering it in a new state instead of just renewing)
  • New church responsibilities that will be taking up more time than I initially thought
  • Baby shower in 2 days (I've put off buying anything until this happens)
  • Buy all little necessities for the baby (since we've bought nothing)
  • Laundry (Husband's and all of Baby Girl's clothes)
  • Clean the bathroom
  • Pack my hospital bag
  • Pick a pediatrician
  • Install car seat 
  • Start writing thank yous
  • Hang bedroom mirror
  • Entryway lamp project
  • Convert coffee table to ottoman project (halfway done)
  • Purchase bed pillows
  • Entryway art piece
  • Bedroom wall art projects
  • Chew out FedEx for never leaving my rug when they come to deliver it
  • Organize or sell the amazingly hidden piles of junk around our apartment
  • Return some Ikea purchases (40 min drive out there ends up eating my whole day)

During all my mini freak out moments today I thought of this bedroom I fell in love with over the weekend and it immediately calms me down. Natural light, white bedding and a simple look fit my criteria for the perfect bedroom.

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  1. Don't fret, it will all get done! And if it doesn't that is what friends and the R.S. is for! LOL


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