Friday, April 20, 2012

Mixing and Matching Fabrics

I received a few comments asking what fabric I used on my cane back chairs. I purchased it at, but they no longer sell the fabric. It was called Phillip Jacobs English Rose Lavender and it wasn't more than $6 a yard.

While searching their website I did find a few fun fabrics that would be great for mix and matching as throw pillows as well as reupholstering small furniture pieces. I believe only two of these fabrics was over $9!

When mixing and matching fabrics you do exactly that, mix and match.
  • Pick 2 or 3 different colors you want to accent your room with
  • Put solids and patterns together like florals and geometric shapes in order to get away from only solid colors
  • Also, throwing a wild card fabric in works a lot of the time too
row 1: Differing shades of floral purples and a grey geometric pattern
row 2: Shades of blue and another grey geometric pattern
Throwing solid pillows into each of these mixes works great too!

row 1: These fabrics are very matchy matchy, but you already have your colors, white, pink and navy blue. Using similar colors in an abstract pattern would really complete the look. Or go super classy looking and throw in a solid dark blue fabric. This would create a crisp clean look in our room while still bringing in pops of color.
row 2: Here is matchy matchy again. Perhaps pair opposites by using the light and dark turquoise swirly fabric with the pink elephants. These fabrics placed on a neutral colored couch would really add some interest.

row 1: I see these fabrics maybe being used in a bedroom, young or old. I think by now you are getting the look we are going for here. A couple different colors tied together with similar and contrasting patterns.
row 2: This is more of the wild card pick. I love solid coral and then you have a geometric pattern and florals. All have some shade of pink in them, but they really just kind of do their own thing. Risky can be a good thing!

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