Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Blue Glass Fancy

I saw these tumblers online the other day and knew the green one had to be mine.

I picked up just one, I would have bought 4, but I have no more room in my dishes cupboard. My husband and I walked to the counter and the man ringing us up said, "You can buy more if you'd like. I can go in the back and get more."

I thankfully said no, but he was still confused. "Why would you need only one glass?"

He found it odd that I would want to use it as a mini vase, but I walked happily out to the car with my tumbler in hand.

The whole way home I would hold it up in the car window and tell my husband to look at how pretty the glass looked with the light shining through it. He know mocks me when he sees it, by saying how pretty the glass looks and how it is such a gorgeous glass.

NOW. . .

Blue glass is another favorite of mine. I am now deciding which blue glass object I should stick on out new console table that we assembled this weekend (pictures to come later). So, here are the blues I am looking at
Not necessarily blue glass, but the blue is what I am liking here.

West Elm

Here is the glass part of what I am talking about. These are great options for vases, plant holders or just for looks. I am partial to things that offer function though, instead of JUST style. 

I'm searching for a lamp for the console table so this would be killing two birds with one stone. I would like to change the shade out though to something more neutral.


I'm actually leaning towards the blue tumblers or the pure glass vases from West Elm, but that blue bubbled plant holder from Ikea might be my easiest bet. Those bubbles inside the glass are really getting me. I want to put it in front of a window with pink or yellow tulips.

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