Friday, April 8, 2011

Your time in life can determine your style

Happy Friday!

Every once in a while, as I am decorating our apartment, I get torn between two styles, my apartment style I need to have now and the home style I can’t have until I have a home. Right now my life is in a 450 square foot box. It is clean and built well, but the finishings. . . well, there are none.  We don’t feel stuffed, but my style has needed to be adjusted. Furniture pieces are smaller, not as chunky, and there is a huge lack of windows. 

I've made the layout ideal though. Most people push their couches to the wall and leave a big open space in their living room. I’ve been able to shrink a normal house layout into a small apartment by placing the couch in the middle of the room facing the wall with the tv. The dining room table is on the opposite wall and there is plenty of space for floor lamps, a coffee table and walking traffic. It doesn’t feel cramped and looks great!

But every so often, I pine for that white or grey comfy sofa that would be perfect for lounging instead of our tough small blue sofa or a gorgeous circle coffee table instead of our tiny Ikea coffee table. These photos are so light and clean and the furniture picks are absolutely classy and fresh.

 Pictures via here

 Oh, what I would give for those comfy and classy looking chairs and sofa. Those windows are to die for and that chest of drawers with that huge, but perfectly sized sunburst mirror. I'm in love.

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