Monday, April 18, 2011

Console table!!- almost finished

In order to stick to my monthly design budget, I buy items over each month to make sure I am buying exactly what I want. So, over the last few weeks I made a trip to Ikea and scored myself some files, drapes (which I returned), a bookshelf and legs.

Then, our lamp for our console table arrived. . .

We love how it looks, but you will have to wait for the console table reveal.

Next item of business, my in-laws arrive this week for my husband’s graduation. So I’m trying to get the last of the little things put together which required another trip to Ikea, of course. My biggest goal was to get a plant, some flowers and picture frames. Friday, though, I was checking out Ikea’s new products and I almost fell off my chair when I found it. . . the perfect throw. Da da da!!!!!

  I have been looking for the perfect throw for a while now and, whether they were cheap or stinking expensive, all of them lacked soft texture, cuteness/style  and bold and bright color.

Once I spotted the throw in store I made a bee-line for the stack and instead of picking up the blue, which I thought I was going to buy, I snatched up the pink. Yes, it is a girlie pink, but I couldn’t pass up that bright happy color. I began telling my sister all the reasons why this was the perfect throw and pretty sure I ended up selling 3 throws to ladies around us who overheard me yapping about them.

With a budget you have to play a little give and take. I held off on some bigger frames and the plant I wanted in order to get the throw. I am more than happy with my choice. So, with all the recent deliveries lately, our console table is almost complete. Just a couple more pictures and what not. I will show you the finished product later this week.
I did break in the throw though with a Sunday afternoon read-a-thon. It is so soft, the perfect thickness and I would hand these out to every passer-by on the street if I had the cash to do so.

Here are the flowers/plant and lacy plant pot I picked to bring a little bit of spring into our home.

We also finished the headboard this weekend! It turned out great! I'll post pictures tomorrow.

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