Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Our new addition to the Living Room

Late late lastnight my husband and I purchased a lamp for our console table. 

This lamp

It had gone on sale, only $5 cheaper, but I told myself it was a sign. Like all design purchases I make, I told my husband all the reasons why this was a good purchase. It’s pretty much to make me feel better but I pretend it is just to show him that I’ve thought this purchase through and not wasting money even though he already knows I’ve thought it through because I’ve been talking about it for the last three days.

My biggest pull for this item was that I don’t mind DIYs and even find pride in them, but sometimes it is worth spending the $35 on a brand new lamp instead of taking the same amount of time and money to redo an old lamp to make it look new.

 Imagine two pictures hanging to the right of the lamp and the console table filled with colorful accessories, 
filled picture frames and a small plant names Herbert.

So, our slate blue little man will be donning the newly assembled console table in the corner of the room. There is currently a mock lamp in its soon to be home just to give us an idea of what it will look like. Having that extra source of light has already brightened up our living room so much.

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