Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pretty in Pink

I have always wanted my husband to feel comfortable in our home. I’ve made sure I ask him what he thinks of my ideas before I go for them because I want him to like what he lives in and I definitely don’t want him to feel like he lives in a girls home and not an “our” home.

So, anytime I mention the color pink in a design plan I quickly shout out that it won’t be overpowering. I even show him ideas and say, “This will actually be blue, orange, green, etc. instead of the pink you see here” because I don’t want him to feel all girlied up. You know what though? That husband of mine always chimes in and says, “Babe, I don’t care if you want to use pink. I don’t think you will make our home ugly or too girlie.”

That’s so nice of him because as I begin looking through many of my inspiration pictures you can find this. . .

I’m so grateful for that guy and now I am taking his permission and running with it.

adding this:

to an already there this:

He can also expect some pink artwork, pink vases for all the flowers that I will now have in my home with the arrival of spring and I am sure I can find something else pink.

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