Monday, April 4, 2011

My Sunburst Mirror Find

I have been pining over the gorgeous array of sunburst mirrors that have filled so many beautiful rooms over the last little while and the prices has always been just as grand.

I considered attempting the many DIYs that are out there right now, but, before I could buy the supplies, Target came to the rescue. Insert awesome enough mirror here:

This little puppy costing $24.99. I called my husband from work, explained how much money and project time it would save me AND HIM and he was sold.

It was not gold as had been claimed online, but a couple coats of Gold Krylon spray paint and my mirror was here.

This is the. . .

 And the. . .
(Please excuse the masking tape that is our future headboard)

I was afraid to post the current after picture because right now I know that the mirror looks too tiny for the space, especially after seeing those chunky Ikea pictures frames in the before, but once our headboard is built and we get our new side table lamps, I'm sure it will all look proportionate and stylish.

Worse comes to worse, I can make one of those beefier DIY sunburst mirrors or the Ikea picture frames can go back up. I've already have thought of two other places I would love my new mirror to go.

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